Sunday, April 10, 2011

Progressives and the Damage They Do


instead of the Democratic Party coming together after a

victory...the democratic party became more divided after the

election of President Obama...
 The progressives acted like spoiled children during the last

election and to defend their dismissive and negligent

attitudes...they now again "blame' President Obama rather than

join in on the fight...progressives are showing themselves to

be actually the handmaidens of the repub lie kkkon party...

 They are the third party who have abandoned all the people who

will suffer as a result of this idiotic performance of the

repub lie kkkon party. And party indeed it is,as they celebrate

the "union" with their newest partners... adolescent

"progressives",who have sworn their alligence to the repub lie

kkkons by their inaction...inaction is not a benign act...ohhh

no ,quite the opposite any inaction from people on the

democratic side means sure and certain victory for the vicious

repub lie kkkon party.

 Let it be known that all supreme court decisions of the future

hang in the balance,not to mention the looming threats of repub

lie kkkons having control of the redistricting mechanism.So

democrats must gather themselves ,realizing that the so-called

progressives should be counted as members of the repub lie

kkkon party and should be treated as such...I promise from this

day forth to detach my self from any individual or individuals

who define themselves as "progressives".Let it be known that I

fully consider any individuals who define themselves as

"progressives" to be traitors, totally lacking the least bit of

authenticity or the greatest hour of need they

summarily turned their backs on the "weakest,most defenseless

Americans" who needed them most.Progressives show themselves to

be totally undependable for support on any issues that don't

fit their very narrow slither of concerns.They forsaked the

greater need and interests of the American people for their own

tiny little issues.
 I began to notice these sad and pathetic people when they

would hold people like ralph nader and his ilk as being

representative of their ideal leaders.ralph nader has cost the

American people more than they can imagine,with his egomanical,

self absorbed so called political campaigns.These campaigns

time after time sought to divide the Democratic Party,thereby

placing them in positions to be easily defeated.nader was used

more than a few times to dilute and distract the democratic

party.nader's efforts have led to the elections of regan,bush

and bush.nader's legacy can be held responsible for the losses

of the last election and all the troubles being felt in

congress and the issues that are being played out in Wisconsin

and other states that find themselves under attack today.
 The heir apparent to ralph nader seems to be, none other than,

the likes of people like denis kucinich,another so called

 I have noticed kucinich show his egomania more than a few

times and now I realize he is the new face of the progressive

obstructionist movement,who feel they can find their way to a

third party by diving the Democratic Party.This,continues to

allow repub lie kkkons to be seen as significant.My guess is

that kuinich and his ilk who flaunt themselves as democrats to

benefit from the organizational skills of the party but who

continually betray the party and leave the party vulnerable to

attacks from the repub lie kkons.
 I can understand blue dog democrats,who may find themselves in

heavily repub lie kkkon districts and they have to depart from

traditional democratic ideals.But "progressives" on the other

hand are in traditional democratic districts but are actully

leeches who feed off of the blood of democrats, for their

campaign coffers.Then abandon alligence to the party after

being elected. They are chameleons and they have a very deep

disdain for the Democratic party but only show their colors

after being elected.
 So for all intents and purposes the Democratic Party has more

enemies than than the repub lie kkkons...they also have thier

backstabbing chameleon trojan horses ..the "progressives".
 The "progressives" use the Democrats to support their

newspapers,radio shows,television shows,books and blogs.Then

once a sufficient reservoir of notoriety has been

accumulated,they began to abandon the Democratic party.Like

leeches ,they suck the blood then abandon the host.
 I only wish progressives had the guts to admit what they are,

then depend on their progressive political machines to support


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