Monday, April 11, 2011

A Look at the System of Belief

Belief System - Your belief system is the actual set of

precepts from which you live your daily life, those which

govern your thoughts, words, and actions. Without these

precepts you could not function.
A belief system provides a core set of values on which we base

everything we do, say, or believe. We can classify our values

as a 'set of rules' that define how we process and store

information as it comes in through our conscious mind. Our

conscious mind takes these rules and shaves off the sides,

planes the ends, and polishes the exterior to make it easier to

process and store in our subconscious. The subconscious then

takes this processed piece of information and, according to our

rules, associates it with other information that we classify as

'solid' and 'accurate.' During this association, we begin to

understand the new information and are better able to

assimilate it for future reference.
Turn out the lights the “tea parties “over
The tea party is the newest gimmick that the kkkonservatives

have employed to redirect some people’s "belief system". If your belief system is based on anything but the truth, it will

vanish during an intense intellectual examination. A real

movement is based on “truth” not lies and deception.

Initially, the momentum of the “tea party“was powerful enough

to sweep in a tremendous redistribution of the political power

matrix, however when left to its own devices you have the

situation that is occurring in Wisconsin and probably several

other states. You have the true nature of the”tea party”

movement on full display, not only the intent, but actually the

implementation of the concept.
 That concept seems to me to be, the “denial” of “civil rights”

for the citizens of the state of Wisconsin.
 What's very interesting to me is that when we, the African

American citizens were going through our struggle, many

citizens from other different ethnic and cultural persuasions

thought they were insulated from the avarice and greed of the

corporate community. They had no idea how the lustful eyes of

the well healed were fixated on their financial

  They gained the kkkonfidence of the “white” middle class by

portraying my culture as lazy and shiftless, always looking for

some hand outs. Those definitions fitted well into the “belief

system” of the “white” middle class which had been cultivated

over generations. However, as time would continue, those terms

meant to define my ethnicity, have been revived and this time

used to label the “white” middle class. They tricked the white

middle class into providing them political impetus. With that

political impetus the corporations and their cronies, soon

brought all the accomplishments of the “white middle class”

into question and caused them to suffer pain, similar to that

which we have been enduring for generations.
 However, let me say this right now, the “us” versus them

“mind-set” is really a “we”; the citizens of the USA who are

being denied their civil rights. Therefore, the grand play of

the corporations and their media machines and robots, was to

make a civil rights grab, all the time, cleverly disguised as a

“tea party”.
   They, the upper crusts want the middle class to send their

families off to fight their wars, not only that, they want to

use our financial resources to bail them out, while outsourcing

our jobs. Great plan if you can get it to work, right? So,

provide illegal immigrant labor to decrease the middle class

wage structure, outsource your jobs to countries where child

labor is acceptable, decrease the guarantees for health care,

increase prices on goods and services, and allow trade policy

that puts the USA workers at a severe disadvantage. In

addition, the latest maneuver, take your right of “citizens” to

organize to collectively represent each other for the greater

good. Hmmmmm. Very interesting. One of the weirdest things is

they want you to feel guilty for standing up for your “civil

 They set their attack dogs free to castigate you and your

efforts without any regret or remorse. Those attack dogs that

make astronomical incomes,far more than ordinary working

families,per year. They have technical people, who may be Union

employees, who actually repair their equipment to keep them

broadcasting, very strange, even arrogant.

 So does your "belief system" allow you to justify "tax cuts" for the wealthy,while defenseless children and their families suffer.If it does,then I am sure you are an active member of the "tea party"

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