Saturday, June 4, 2011

Definition of wHITE

I would like to re-address the issue regarding the National kkkorporate media being kkkontrolled by "white boys".
 I certainly stand by those comments when the definition of "white boys" is clearly defined.My definitions is based on two definitions of "white" and one definition of "boy",which follows.
 "white" as defined as a color,is an occurrence that is natural in origin and assumes no additional amenities.Pure and simple a condition of nature which allows certain distinctions in skin color,nothing more.
 Now there is another condition also considered to be associated with the natural condition of color distinction,this is the assumption that there is some ethereal or inherent benefit associated with One's color,which by nature determines One to be superior either physically,intellectually or in any other sense.The latter definition, I unequivocally dispute with no reservations at all.
 There are individuals,who have agreed with my opposition to this insane perspective,who have endured horrendous acts of violence,even death.The perpetrators of such,acts to me,are  individuals who have never reached levels of spiritual,psychological,emotional or social maturity that are representative of "manhood".Based on this definition of "manhood",I maintain that immature male individuals who believe that they are entitled to certain advantages ,purely based on color are indeed immature males fundamentally,"boys"

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